AI Search & Navigation

Product search is the cornerstone of any ecommerce site. When combined with Artificial Intelligence, a simple search box becomes a powerful and personalized selling tool. For many shoppers, the search box is the beginning of a journey. With AI, we can guide them by accurately understanding their intent and anticipating the most relevant search results for them. Using guided navigation to easily filter search results has become a standard in ecommerce. AI Navigation elevates this to a new level by helping shoppers navigate and filter results based on personal preferences, popular or trending attributes and more. Searches can often yield a great number of results. Helping each shopper find the most relevant filters for them is critical in helping them find the products they’re looking for. Our Search and Navigation Suite includes many capabilities, such as: full personalization, auto-complete, spell correct, product and category suggestions and more.

What’s different about our AI Search & Navigation solution?

  1. Truly Free AI! We provide 4 recommendation configurations for free, giving you the opportunity to start today.
  2. Simple is Awesome! From on-boarding to implementation and on-going optimization, we use our expertise in artificial intelligence and process automation to reduce complexity while increasing value.
  3. Increased AI Learnings! We combine behavioural knowledge from many sources resulting in a faster and better understanding of consumer needs.
  4. Unique AI Duo! Bundle AI Recommendations with AI Search & Navigation for increased conversion.
  5. Super-Fast response time! Our technology is known for super-fast response times, high availability, performance and security.
  6. We’re there for you! We love to build solid relationships with our clients. We provide professional services to customize solutions or to guide you in the process of upgrading your business with artificial intelligence.


  • Enable AI Search & Navigation for free*
  • Add a powerful Live Search Box to your ecommerce arsenal to improve shopper’s experience.
  • Use machine learning to automatically personalize consumer search experiences.
  • Capture behaviours to better understand consumer intent.
    • Automatically sort the facets and filters of your guided navigation to be the most relevant for each individual shopper.
    • Access built-in key performance indictors (KPIs) to track evolving results.
    • Our technology is highly flexible, easy to install and super-fast.
  • AI Search & Navigation is based upon Elastic Search, one of the most powerful search engine available today.

Adapting to Consumer Behaviour

AI Search & Navigation includes 3 key components: The Live Search Box, AI-based Search Results and Guided Navigation. Together, they address all aspects of how shoppers search online and optimize the discovery experience.

AI Live Search Box

Correctly anticipating a shopper’s intent is paramount to increasing conversion, and our Live Search Box is the first step in this journey. Using machine learning, we react in real-time to search terms to suggest the most relevant products, categories, keywords and more to display in the type-ahead, and all this personalized for each user.

AI Search Results

Most shoppers begin their journey by searching, and that’s why bad search is so expensive. Even when different shoppers use the same search term, personalizing the display of products for each shopper will significantly reduce your bounce rate. AI Search Results learns from historical behaviours to sort results for optimal conversion.

AI Guided Navigation

Guided navigation has become a standard on almost every ecommerce site. It allows shoppers to filter their search results by one or many criteria to narrow down the available possibilities. However, the choice of filters and possible values for each filter can rapidly become overwhelming. AI Guided Navigation uses machine learning to optimally sort all filters and values to help guide shoppers to find what they want.

Key Performance Indicators

To help you keep an eye on conversion, our out-of-the-box dashboard helps you visualize the step-by-step funnel from products displayed to sales conversion. To learn about AI Analytics and other advanced performance dashboards, let’s get in touch.

Custom Built Machine Learning

We’re able to quickly deliver custom machine learning services by assembling the right ingredients from our feature packed platform to create new and unique AI services. Our team is exclusively focused on increasing conversion through ecommerce personalization.