AI Recommendations

Providing recommendations to your shoppers is a critical factor in increasing conversion rates. The key however is recommending the most relevant items for each individual shopper and doing it in the most automated manner possible. With AI Recommendations, many configurations are possible allowing you to tailor the user experience to your needs.

Recommendation engines abound, so how is UpsideAI different?

  1. Truly Free AI! We provide 4 recommendation configurations for free, giving you the opportunity to start today.
  2. Simple is Awesome! From on-boarding to implementation and on-going optimization, we use our expertise in artificial intelligence and process automation to reduce complexity while increasing value.
  3. Increased AI Learnings! We combine behavioural knowledge from many sources resulting in a faster and better understanding of consumer needs.
  4. Unique AI Duo! Bundle AI Recommendations with AI Search & Navigation for increased conversion.
  5. Super-Fast response time! Our technology is known for super-fast response times, high availability, performance and security.
  6. We’re there for you! We love to build solid relationships with our clients. We provide professional services to customize solutions or to guide you in the process of upgrading your business with artificial intelligence.


  • Enable up to 4 AI widget’s configurations for free*
  • Combine multiple recommendation strategies in a single widget
  • Use machine learning to automatically personalize consumer experiences
  • Capture behaviours to better understand consumer’s intent
  • Filter recommendations by category or product attribute
  • Access built-in key performance indictors (KPIs) to track evolving results
  • Place recommendations anywhere on your site
  • Use our simple and flexible API to add recommendations to any channel
  • Our technology is highly flexible, easy to install and super-fast.

6 configurations for optimal results

We’ve included 6 basic configurations to optimize the consumer experience. Display personalized product offerings at strategic locations to increase conversion. You can also let machine learning decide on the best configuration to optimize sales.


A great place to start. We think of it as “The Tinder of ecommerce”. Personalized recommendations uses advanced machine learning to recognize shoppers behavioural patterns and match the most relevant products with each shopper to increase conversion.

Trending Items

Trending items are products showing sudden interest from shoppers. These products are basically the flavour of the day or week. Our algorithm automatically detects those trends to make sure you don’t miss out on new selling opportunities.

Popular Items

Popular items recommends products showing a significant and lasting peak in sales conversion. Shoppers love’em, so our algorithm makes sure they see’em.

Similar Items

Similar items uses machine learning to automatically recognize products that are similar to one another. This means you don’t have to spend a single minute on tedious manual classification.

Lucky items

Lucky items is a hybrid service combining trending, popular and personalized items onto one single widget. See it as our own unique version of the “all-you-can-eat” buffet.

Items Frequently Bought Together

Items Frequently Bought Together helps to get the most out of cross marketing, giving you the opportunity to increase basket size.

Key Performance Indicators

To help you keep an eye on conversion, our out-of-the-box dashboard helps you visualize the step-by-step funnel from products displayed to sales conversion. To learn about AI Analytics and other advanced performance dashboards, let’s get in touch.

Custom Built Machine Learning

We’re able to quickly deliver custom machine learning services by assembling the right ingredients from our feature packed platform to create new and unique AI services. Our team is exclusively focused on increasing conversion through ecommerce personalization.