UpsideAI develops artificial intelligence tools for ecommerce merchandising and personalization.

Artificial intelligence is radically changing the ecommerce game and UpsideAI remains at the forefront of this fast growing market with a unique and innovative technology. All UpsideAI products have the same goal: Improve sales performance and customer conversion.

UpsideAI has developed AI solutions for ecommerce since 2011. In 2012, we won the Red Herring award for our core algorithm. Today, our technology is running in ecommerce sites around the world. Our team of ecommerce and AI specialists is dedicated to providing the most advanced ecommerce AI solutions for merchandizing.

Our Book

We’re also dedicating time to write a book on Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce called Robought.

Our Blog

Our blog called Ecommerce Merchandising News comments on the convergence of artificial intelligence and ecommerce.


We love speaking in meetups and conferences about ecommerce and how artificial intelligence impacts online sales.