Investing made

Simple    , Smart      , Systematic

Investing made Simple, Smart, Systematic

Upside AI analyzes 50 million ideas to build a stock portfolio for you

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Over the past year, we have generated 71% returns for our investors *

Our algorithms are more successful than the best human investors in the country. Leverage the power of technology to build your stock portfolio.

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*As per SEBI return methodology; Returns upto 31 Mar 2021

Upside AI vs Human Experts

Completely Calm Investing
We eliminate human bias, so our calls are not based on market panic or euphoria

Make Technology your Money Manager
Upside AI scans the entire stock market 50 million times discovering the best investment ideas for you

Focus on Fundamentals
Our algorithms intelligently learn how great companies are built by focusing on their business performance

We Evolve as Markets Change
We look for companies that are not only good businesses but also in-demand stocks

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Upside Multicap

Invest in a basket of good quality stocks across the market
Large-caps, mid-caps, and small-caps
High risk

Upside 250

Invest in a basket from the top 250 stocks by market cap
Large-caps and mid-caps
Medium risk

How It Works?

Your Portfolio
After running 50 million iterations, the algorithms generate a portfolio of approx. 10-25 stocks for you

Safety Check
The Upside AI analysts then do manual checks on corporate governance to ensure that the companies are reporting financials accurately
Diversified Risk
Automatically diversifies your portfolio and lowers your risk. At investment, we do not invest more than 10% of your capital in any one stock or more than 35% of your portfolio in any one industry

Quarterly Rebalance
Your portfolio is optimized and rebalanced every quarter as companies publish their latest financial results

Don’t take our word for it

See what other investors are saying

Samarth, Bengaluru
Great way to start investing! Love Upside’s promise of keeping emotion out of choosing stocks.
Riddhi, Mumbai
Upside AI has a refreshing & unique approach to sustainable investing for investors like me.
Mayank, Delhi
Driven by a rock solid team (and AI), Upside AI takes the complexity out of my investing. Think long term, think Upside AI!
Vipul, Mumbai
Upside AI’s stocks are so different from any other funds I am holding – giving me actual diversification.

AI is the new Warren Buffett

We started Upside AI on the belief that technology will make better investing decisions than humans over the long term. This is because machines are unbiased, unemotional and unaffected by market euphoria and panic.

Our mission is to bring the most sophisticated investing technology to you and maximize your upside.

We are a SEBI registered portfolio manager and invest for domestic and foreign investors in Indian equities.

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